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Here, we have gathered our top 10 tips on what to do during quarantine! Enjoy

1. Watch clima movies and series! On Netflix you can find many good movies with this theme! Some of our favourites include, “Tomorrow”, “no impact mand” and “the game changer”. And who knows, you might get inspired?

2. Take a walk a different place than you usually do. Take a walk in another neighborhood, park etc. or maybe a walk along beach in the (hopefully) lovely Easter weather.

3. Clean out your wardrobe. Use this time to organize your clothes and get rid of the stuff that takes up space in the back of your closet. You can donate your clothes to charity.

4. Explore vegan gastronomy. Try how life as a vegan feels! Experience the vegan kitchen and prepare some delicious meals for you and your family. Check out deliciously Ella: https://deliciouslyella.com

5. Try mindfulness. Mindfulness can help obtain a focused and calm state of mind.

6. Learn how to knit or sew your own clothes. Besides being a friend of the environment, your grandma will be so proud.

7. Take care of your houseplants or garden. Show your plants some love and replant those who need it in new pots.

8. Catch up on your reading. Make a book switch with your family or friends or reread your favourite classic from the bookshelf.

9. Get into yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to feel both mind and body.

10. Make a diary with your thoughts. We are going through a horrible, but nevertheless memorable time right now with the Covid 19 panepidemi. In 50 years, it might be interesting to read your thoughts and considerations about it all.