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We communicate about cities green transition. Why? Because 70% of all carbon emissions come from big cities so they are actually key to solving the global climate challenges.

Here at Green Bike Tours we have a mission. A mission to inform, inspire and empower our participants and thus have an open dialogue on how we can contribute to a more sustainable way of living. Through our bike and walking tours, lectures, site visits and workshops we create consciousness. We give you something to think about and take with you back home, small tips and ideas about how YOU yourself can change your own behaviour and lower your carbon footprint.


All tours offer our participants to get off the beaten track and discover the city from a different angle while gaining valuable insights on some of the most urgent topics of our time – how cities handle and adapt to climate changes and how to take actions towards a more sustainable future. 

We want to contribute to a better and greener world and fight climate change. All cities have climate goals and green initiatives, so the ambition for Green Bike Tours is to take the concept of our tours to as many cities as possible to help sheding light on what is being done.


What is a Green Bike Tour?
There are 4 milestones in a green bike tour:


We take you out of the city center to discover the green and sustainable city


We go by bike or walking and save the environment 1,1 kilo of carbon per person on every tour


All of our guides have an in-depth understanding and knowledge about sustainable topics


Our tours are educational and entertaining at the same time and will leave you with tons of information about sustainability. 

What is a green guide?
A term invented by Helene to cover what a guide is in the GBT’s universe. A green guide is not just a guide. It is a guide that has an in-depth understanding, interest and knowledge about sustainable topics.

Furthermore, we have created a green guide international community as we have guides in Copenhagen (also covering Malmø) and Berlin. We consider ourselves as one big green family that are enthusiastic about both Green Bike Tours’ mission and vision but also shares the same core values about the importance of the green transition as well as doing something concrete to fight climate change as we do on our tours when sharing knowledge.

GBT started with this concept in Copenhagen in 2017 and has later grown to include Malmö in 2019, and Berlin in 2020. This green guide community will network amongst each other and meet across borders to discuss sustainability and exchange knowledge and ideas about the subject and about being a green guide so that we can share this knowledge with our guests.


About Green Bike Tours
The company was founded in 2012 and is a company not for profit – we operate on commercial market terms but if we generate a profit it will stay within the company or be donated to sustainable projects.

We find ourselves in a niche as the core of our tours, visits, workshops and lectures is sustainability: the green, the social and the economic. We offer both private tours as well as public tours.

We are experts in this field and our aim is to communicate what is being done in cities to make them liveable for its citizens. We are positive narrators as we give you the good and inspiring stories but we are not in the pockets of the municipalities which means that we allow ourselves to be critical about initiatives or policies in the cities we are present in which are Copenhagen, Malmø and Berlin.


Green Bike Tours

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