World fashion today is a true representation of: Waste, pollution, unnecessary emissions for production, competition, and lots and lots of money. People normally buy from expensive brands to showcase themselves. While this is the story of the world, Berlin is a segregated exceptional capital working for a better cause in fashion. The drive to make Berlin carbon neutral by 2050 is not only seen in the fields of mobility, accommodation, and energy but also in the fashion industry. Fashion companies in Berlin are now working together towards the new goal of producing products that are fair, sustainable, and vegan. That is the core of the Berlin fashion scene right now!


Ethletic is one of those amazing brands that manufacture sneakers and strives for its mission statement for being environmentally and socially aware of climate change.  It produces vegan sneakers from Fairtrade-certified organic cotton and natural rubber. One US dollar from the cost of the sneakers is donated to welfare associations. The total sum of the money is then later used by the workers through associations where they decide if they want to use the money for their children’s education or health care.

Berlin Fashion: Fair – Sustainable - Vegan

Ethletic sneakers (photo by Simone Preuss)


Since the labors of these sneakers are from Pakistan, people who are particularly very happy with the brand can send in tips for the worker as a gift. The CEO of Ethletic Mark Solterbeck visits India, Srilanka and Pakistan many times a year as the manufacturers are located there. He says that the manufacturers are truly dedicated to producing such a sustainable product and protect climate change. Adding to the product, Ethletic also provides a remarkable service to repair the sneakers so that there is less wastage. People who do not want to use the worn-out shoes any more can donate them to the outlet which can be recycled by the company.



Eco-friendly fashion is what defines LOVECO. It is a clothing brand that only uses natural materials like organic cotton, linen and hemp. LOVECO takes makes sure that the organic cotton which is used is free from the use of pesticides and chemicals as it affects the environment. The electricity which is used for the manufacturing of the product is from hydro-power. The packing material always uses the recyclable plastic and the providers for home delivery are based on the shipping which is climate, neutral service providers.

One of the strongest pillars of the product is “Vegan”. The company used only vegetable or recyclable fibers and nothing from animals so it doesn’t harm the environment. One of the brands from LOVECO is Jyoti which is based in Berlin but the production is from India. The specialty of this fair-trade organization is that it provides a future to the socially disadvantaged women in India. It not only provides then a fair wage for stitching, but security, a better future and training.

Berlin Fashion: Fair – Sustainable - Vegan

Employee in India working for Jyoti, LOVECO (photo on the official web page)


Sommer Gold 


This is a clothing brand for women which is located in Berlin. The clothes are made from organic products like cotton, linen and wool. The shop consists of a small tailoring station with in Berlin, whereas some products are manufactured in Poland.


If you are looking for children fashion with natural textile materials, CarLe is your destination. One of the known clothing brands for children from age 1 to 12. It uses eco-friendly raw materials and recyclable materials that meet the global organic textile center. One interesting fact about this brand is that it is designed to be worn all year round, therefore it has received the label “slow fashion”. Moreover, the makers always try the product on their kids, or the kids of their friends to test the item first for wear and tear before putting it up on the racks.

Berlin Fashion: Fair – Sustainable - Vegan

Kids clothing display, CharLe (photo on the official web page)



Located in the center of Berlin, Oxfam is an outlet that drives on a basic concept of recycling and upcycling. It sells the good conditioned products of donors at low prices. This cycle helps reduction of more clothing yet providing the end-user with a fashionable wardrobe.



This brand works by the tag line, “Fashion made with love for the people, animals and the environment”. This means that the production is ethical, animal welfare and environmental protection is important to the stakeholders. The owners ensure that the products manufactured by DearGoods are 100% vegan. The employees are given fair wages under good conditions, eco-friendly environment, certified organic along with the use of natural materials. This is a brand that started in 2012, and is claimed to be the first-ever vegan brand of Germany!

It is remarkable to see how the booming fashion industry is keeping up with Berlin’s Vision 2050. A few brand examples mentioned above are not only a substitute for sustainable clothing but have developed innovative methods to fabricate high-end products that can compete with any brands in the fashion industry. If the clothing industry all around the world becomes equally conscious about the disastrous environmental impacts plus the wastage of the resources while the production, it would create a huge impact on the environment.

If you happen to go to Berlin, we encourage you to visit the above mentioned sustainable fashion stores to support their journey!

Written by green guide Amna Aslam