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Saturday’s’ and Friday’s



The first Friday in a month at 3pm

25 EUR

Let us take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of the sustainable Berlin


The sustainable city and you

The last Saturday in a month at 10am

28 EUR

On this amazing bike tour you will get inspiration on how to lower your own climate footprint while experiencing green transformation in a city of the future.

Best bike and walking tours Berlin

Green Bike Tours has the best bike and walking tours in Berlin. No kidding! Our green guides do their very best to create a unique experience and you explore the green and sustainable Berlin together with the guide. It means that great and interesting dialogues arise during our tours which bring you to some of the cutting edge sustainable places around the city. When you join a tour with us you can be sure that it is going to be a fun and entertaining experience as well as an educational one. These tours are designed as bike and walking tours so we have spent a lot of time creating the best routes for both the bike tours as well as the walking tours and you will see some pretty amazing places during the tour and also bike in bike friendly areas so that you can really experience Berlin as the bike city it is becoming and feel safe while riding your bike.

We are not like the other tour providers as we find ourselves in a niche. So if you are interested in going green and understanding what a green transition means to a city and how it is carried out, you should join our tours. These tours are part of the eco-tourism going on these years, a focus on how to become more sustainable when you travel and visit a place. We make sure to go by bike or as a walking tour and go beyond the city center while telling other stories than the usual history ones and thereby creating another kind of sightseeing.
Berlin is a big city with 3,65 million inhabitants. You find a strong culture of grass root movements here which make the city quite unique and we are pleased to share the knowledge about this culture on our tours.
All our tours focus on the urban design of the future – sustainable solutions, how a city plan to become carbon neutral, renewable energy, smart city solutions, social sustainability, green roofs, water management, energy efficiency, mobility, recycling and carbon neutrality – these are some of the themes we talk about and this is the core of a green bike tour but rest assure the tours are for everyone! So if you want to experience a city like Berlin from a different angle, a green one, you should definitely join our tours which are the best bike and walking tours in Berlin.


Guided tours in Copenhagen

Our tours are designed to be both entertaining and educational at the same time and will leave you with tons of information about sustainability. A guest once described the tour as “Fantastic fun and informative”. We believe in green storytelling and serving it the best way possible. The information is interesting and adequate. Our green guides are updated on the latest numbers within green transition. The green guides are actually the core of a green bike tour with a background and in-depth understanding, interest and knowledge about sustainable topics.

Green Bike Tours was founded here in Copenhagen in 2012 with a clear niche mission! We want to show and tell about how cities fight climate change and, in the process, become more liveable. We also want to inspire and discuss how we individually can change our own lives to become more sustainable.

All our tours focus on the urban design of the future – sustainable solutions, renewable energy, smart city solutions, social sustainability, green roofs, water management, energy efficiency, mobility, recycling and carbon neutrality – these are some of the themes we talk about and this is what a green bike tour is all about! So if you are interested in seeing the city from a different angle and see other than historic places, a guided green bike tour is definitely for you!


Berlin public bike tours

Green Bike Tours has both private tour as well as public tours. Our Berlin public tours include both bike tours as well as walking tours. Our most popular tour, The sustainable Berlin of the future will run as a public bike tour in 2021 the last Saturday of a month from 10am-1pm. The tour start from the bike shop Re’Bike in Blücherstrasse 16. You can rent your bike here or you can bring one you have already rented. WE have a public walking tour which is basically a walking tour version of the bike tour. This tour is on the first Friday in a month from 3pm-5pm and start at the Gleisdreick station. This walking tour is quite popular among other Berlin walks as you get to see some fantastic green areas and learn about the sustainable Berlin while having a good and relaxing time. Both bike tour as well as walking tour end a Tempelhofer feld – a former airplane runway.

Booking a spot on our public tour is done on our website, under public tours. Here you can buy a ticket (you can buy op to 10 tickets) for one of our public tours. You simply select the date and then follow the booking instructions. A ticket is 40 euro (exclusive bike rental) for the bike tour and 33 euro for the walking tour. The public bike tour last around 3 hours while the walking tour is 33 euro for a 2 hour walking tour. At the designated meeting place you will find your Green guide waiting for you wearing a yellow vest with the logo of Green Bike Tours.

In 2021 we are going to offer a new public tour as a pop-up tour only 4 times in 2021 (it can also be booked as a private tour for 4 people and up whenever it suits the group – just write an email to info@greenbiketours.org). The tour evolves around the urban garden culture and vegan foodie culture of Berlin. Urban gardens are widespread all over Berlin – small gardens as well as bigger ones. What they all have in common is that They are not only places for growing vegetables, people from the neighbourhood can also come together to co-create a beautiful space. They are supported by different initiatives and associations. Empty spaces which normally quickly resemble garbage dumps are reformed into small oases in the city. When it is time to harvest, people can come together in these oases to dine and celebrate together.
We at Green Bike Tours feel that urban gardens are so much a part of the Berlin dna and have decided that we want to start designing an urban garden tour where you will also meet the people behind. Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to learn more about when this tour is offered.


Where to rent a bike in Berlin

There are vast options for renting a bike in Berlin. We suggest our bike collaboration partner Re’bike in Blücherstrasse 16 and this is also where our guided bike tours start. The price here to rent a bike is 8 euro But you can find plenty of other options around the city or check out the VisitBerlin homepage https://www.101bikerentals.com/berlin/ for suggestions.

If you are into bike sharing we would recommend Donkey Republic – they have cool orange bikes that are also comfortable. You find them all over the city – you just need to download the app to pay for the bike and to unlock it. It seems reel easy. They have different prices depending on if you are interested in the bike for a few hours or for the whole day or maybe week, but prices seem fair. Check out Donkey right here: https://www.donkey.bike/ In general bike rental prices in Berlin lies around 10 euro for up to 6 hours rental.


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