Copenhagen has 6,6 times more bikes than cars, so it is obvious you should explore the city from the saddle like a real native and hop on one of the many offered bike tours in Copenhagen.


Bike tours in Copenhagen – with Green Bike Tours

Green Bike Tours has different bike tours in Copenhagen We are experts in the green and sustainable city. With us you can experience the best green and sustainable Copenhagen tour by bike. If you represent a group we also have Green places: Big parks, pocket parks, fun parks and urban gardens. If you don’t like to bike but prefer to walk you can join Experience the best sustainable walking tour in cool Copenhagen.


What a feeling!

Bike tours in Copenhagen

Photo by Ursula Bach

Being outside, especially at this time of year, on a bike tour around Copenhagen is fantastic. Wind in the hair, sun in your face and a tingling sensation in your stomach as you ride down the Bike Snake Bridge. I can’t think of a greater way to explore the city.


Bike tours in Copenhagen


With our green guides it is both fun as well as informative to go on bike tours in Copenhagen. We focus on the green and sustainable city and have you see interesting sights such as the harbor bath, a green roof, intelligent buildings, wind turbines, an incineration plant and much more.

On the green and sustainable Copenhagen tour by bike you experience a city with an ambitious goal; to become carbon neutral by 2025. Our skilled and knowledgeable green guides tell you how the city plan to do it!


Copenhagen – the most bike friendly city in the World


Bike tours in Copenhagen


It is a captivating experience to ride the lanes on bike tours in Copenhagen together with everybody else going to or from work. In 2017, Copenhagen won the price as the most bike friendly city in the world out of 136 cities and we finally beat Amsterdam ;-).

Copenhagen’s goal for 2025 is to have 75% of all rides in the city by either foot or bike or public transportation.




Instead of sitting in a polluting sightseeing bus, go on a bike tour in Copenhagen and save the environment 1.1 chilo of carbon – so you can feel good about yourself after the tour!

Facts about the tour:

Around 13 kilometres

11 stops

It takes 3 hours

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