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We have nine private tours in Copenhagen which are both biking tours as well as walking tours that evolves around the green and sustainable area. A private tour can be any day of the week between 9am and 6pm. You just need to write us a message stating how many people you are, what tour you are interested in as well as day and time.

Our private tours can be for the small group of just 2 people that can’t make it work with our public tour offers (note that a private tour is a bit more expensive per person than a public tour if you are only 2-4 people in a group) or it can be the large group of up to 100 people. We can accommodate 75 people at the same time on a biking tour and 100 people on a walking tour. Do note that some of our tours have a fixed number like eg. Tour 9 – our plant-based food tour.
Our Tour 7 that takes you into Ørestad can be done both as a bike tour as well as a combined walking tour taking public transport.
If you have questions about a tour or you are in doubt which tour is the right one for your group, don’t hesitate but write to us with your questions and we will be more than happy to guide you.


The sustainable Copenhagen of the future tour

Copenhagen is planning to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital in 2025. What does that actually mean and why are cities green plans important when speaking of climate change? These questions and a lot more will be answered on this wonderful bike tour around Copenhagen.


The sustainable city and you

On this amazing bike tour you will get inspiration on how to lower your own climate footprint while experiencing green transformation in a city of the future.



On this walking tour in the old city center, you will discover why Copenhagen is one of the best places to live and how this relates to its green and sustainable initiatives.



Experience the neighborhoods of Nørrebro and Østerbro. We ride off the beaten tracks and discover hidden gems like big parks, urban gardens, climate neighborhoods and recreational areas like Superkilen



This walking tour takes you around the diverse neighborhood of Nørrebro. A walking tour version of The local urban vibe and social sustainability tour by bike.



This tour takes you around one of Copenhagen’s new neighborhoods which has a goal of becoming the sustainable city of the future.

 Copenhagen bike tours

We are the only tour agency in Copenhagen focusing exclusively on sharing the green and sustainable city with you. This is our field and we have a lot of knowledge that we would like to share with you. We take you biking on the Copenhagen bike lanes and bike bridges and tell you about the Danish bike culture and how Copenhagen became the bike city it is today.

No city will become a bike city just like that. It takes political planning because first you need the lanes and it takes nudging of its citizens to get them to hop on the bike. The lanes however are crucial to wanting to bike in a big city because if you don’t feel safe you don’t go. It is also about seeing the bike as a mean of transportation that can take you from your home to your work place or study institution and to keep in mind that it is also a healthy workout!

It is safe to go by bike in Copenhagen and we make sure you will feel comfortable. We teach you the basic bike rules before setting off and tend to avoid rush hours. Our Copenhagen bike tours lead by our green guides take you to see amazing places in the city. So hop on a bike tour – the sustainable choice when you do city exploration!

City bike adventures Copenhagen

For a lot of people city biking in Copenhagen is almost a kind of an adventure in itself and the only way to meet the city. We have heard that from quite a few of our guests who really enjoy biking.


Bike rental in Copenhagen

It is easy to rent a bike in Copenhagen. The price range is between 65 dkk to 150 dkk  a day. There are a lot of choices from bike sharing oppurtunities like Bycyklen which is actually the cities own bike sharing company to bike shops. We recommend the one that we collaborate with, Rosenborg Cykler, Rosenborggade 3K, close to Nørreport station. They have bikes for all ages. It costs 110 dkk to rent a bike here for the whole day. You can find other options on the Visitcopenhagen website in case you find yourself in another part of the city.

The Bycyklen bikes are white and are placed all over the city. They are quite comfy and are electrical as well. So in case you find it exhausting to peddle rent a bycyklen bike. Another great bike sharing company is Donkey Republic which you might have met in other cities with their orange bikes. They too have bike stations all over the city and have made it really easy to rent a bike via their Donkey Republic app.

Copenhagen bike bridge

When you choose us to guide you around Copenhagen by bike you can be sure that we will take you around some of the newest and most interesting bike bridges in the city. It is a really unique sensation to be biking on a bike bridge so you are in for quite a treat. Read more https://greenbiketours.org/discover-the-bike-bridges-of-copenhagen/ about the 5 coolest bike bridges in Copenhagen which you get to bike on a Tour 1 – The sustainable Copenhagen of the future https://greenbiketours.org/vare/copenhagen-tour-1/


Why is Copenhagen a green city?

Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world with an aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 which you will hear much more about on our Tour 1 – The sustainable Copenhagen of the future. Copenhagen is also focusing on making the city as liveable as possible by securing its citizens less than 15 minutes to a green or blue area. Copenhagen has a lot of nice canals, you can explore on your own if you select a Goboat or a green kayak – if you pick up trash in the harbor the rent of the kayak is free. Or you can take the harbor bus around. Did you know that the water in the harbor is so clean that you can swim in it? Well, that’s the truth so remember to bring your bathing suits when you come to Copenhagen. Let us guide you to the city’s harbor baths https://greenbiketours.org/whatson-copenhagens-best-swimming-places/

Copenhagen has around 35 square meters of green per person – you can find green areas all over the city – from ancient parks to pocket parks and the city will be planting more than 100.000 trees before 2025. Trees help cleaning the air and reduce the water reaching the sewers. A fun fact: Studies show that shops lying close to trees are more successful compared to shops that are not close to trees.


What to visit in Denmark?

Denmark has a lot to offer when it comes to sustainability. We can recommend visiting a number of places outside the Capital such as the Island of Samsoe , which has been 100% self-sufficient using renewable energy since 2007 and aiming to be fossil free by 2030. Or how about a visit to the Island of Bornholm aiming to be CO2 neutral in 2025​. Today, all production of district heating and electricity is based on 100% renewable energy sources. Bornholm is also considered a mecca if you love nature or are into food – it is actually called the Silicon Valley of food because of its experimenting entrepreneurs.

The second biggest city of Denmark Århus is also worth a visit. It is a super cosy and nice city also with a strong sustainability focus.


Guidedcycling in Copenhagen

To be on a guided cycling tour is something special compared to just renting a bike and go out on your own. Renting a bike on your own is definitely also a possibility which you should take advantage of while in Copenhagen but I would recommend you to start with a guided cycling tour with us. Join one of our amazing public or private tours in Copenhagen.

Walking guided tours Copenhagen

If you don’t want to bike we have lots of interesting walking tour options. Guided walking tours in Copenhagen is definitely a wonderful way of exploring the city at a lower pace. We can offer our Tour 2 – The sustainable walking tour in cool Copenhagen which take you through Christiansborg castle, to the black Diamond, along the canal, to Nyhavn and down the famous Strøget ending at Torvehallerne. This tour can be done both as a private tour or a public tour every Friday at 3pm-5pm. Other guided walking  tours can be selected for private groups as we have a two hour walking tour in Nørrebro – our Tour 5 or a guided walking tour in smart city Nordhavn not to mention our Design and architecture tour – Tour 4. If you are interested in sustainable fashion we have a super cool walking tour that evolves around that topic – our tour 8 or try the plant-based cuisine of Copenhagen – our tour 9 as a walking tour. Lots of interesting options!


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