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Green Bike Tours is a non-profit company that offers bike tours and walking tours in English with a focus on the green and sustainable city. We are present in Copenhagen where we are based, as well as Malmø and Berlin. Our tours focus on giving you the ultimate bike experience. Our routes are planned so you get to see different parts of the city while biking on the best lanes and bike friendly streets not to mention bike bridges which we have quite a few of in Copenhagen. With us you don’t have to worry about where to go, how to get there or traffic. We take you around safely and make sure you feel comfortable on your bike. We bike at your pace, no rush.

A guided tour gives you the freedom to experience and enjoy being out, feeling the wind in your hair and getting to know the city. You are free to look around and take in the city while biking, the only thing you need to do is to follow your green guide.

On our guided tours we go out of the city center and into the neighborhoods of Vesterbro, Østerbro, Nørrebro and Islands Brygge The tours take from 2,5-3 hours and you will get to experience places you wouldn’t have found on your own, amazing hidden gems, urban gardens, wonderful green areas, cozy squares and recreative areas.

We look forward to welcoming you on a guided tour in Copenhagen.


Guided tours in Copenhagen

Our tours are designed to be both entertaining and educational at the same time and will leave you with tons of information about sustainability. A guest once described the tour as “Fantastic fun and informative”. We believe in green storytelling and serving it the best way possible. The information is interesting and adequate. Our green guides are updated on the latest numbers within green transition. The green guides are actually the core of a green bike tour with a background and in-depth understanding, interest and knowledge about sustainable topics.

Green Bike Tours was founded here in Copenhagen in 2012 with a clear niche mission! We want to show and tell about how cities fight climate change and, in the process, become more liveable. We also want to inspire and discuss how we individually can change our own lives to become more sustainable.

All our tours focus on the urban design of the future – sustainable solutions, renewable energy, smart city solutions, social sustainability, green roofs, water management, energy efficiency, mobility, recycling and carbon neutrality – these are some of the themes we talk about and this is what a green bike tour is all about! So if you are interested in seeing the city from a different angle and see other than historic places, a guided green bike tour is definitely for you!


Copenhagen green city

The world is facing a real climate catastrophe. A lot of voices are heard all over the world trying to change this dangerous situation. There has never been so much attention on climate and on how carbon emissions are threatening to severely damage the world and change it.
Cities are one of the most logical places to start lowering carbon emissions as they account for 70 % of all carbon emissions and Copenhagen already decided in 2009 to start balancing their carbon calculations and become a green city. Furthermore, they also decided that they wanted the city to become carbon neutral by 2025. Carbon neutrality means that a city does not emit more CO2 than it absorbs. So the big cities are the key to solve the global climate challenges.

Copenhagen’s climate plan describes more than 50 initiatives in different areas, such as energy supply, greener transportation, building efficiency, education of the citizens and finally adjustments to the weather of the future. These are all steps towards a carbon free society. Our tour 1 in Copenhagen, Berlin and Malmö tells the story of this green city journey the cities have embarked on.

Copenhagen and Denmark are continually challenging their goals and recently the Danish national government announced a binding climate goal now turned into law that will ensure a 70% reduction of greenhouse gases in 2030 compared to 1990 levels! Let’s hope others will follow!

As a green city, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. Let us draw your attention to some of the other activities we offer:



We have launched a food workshop focusing on cooking with surplus food. It is a mix of a lecture as well as cooking class. It takes 4 hours and ends up in a family style dinner. We have a lot of fun!


Site visits

We collaborate with experts from organizations and institutions that has to do with renewable energy, urban sustainable planning and smart city development.



We give lectures in sustainable fashion in combination with a tour but also offer a number of possibilities for meeting partners with interesting knowledge within this sustainable field.


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