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 Are you interested in sustainability and the green agenda, and do you want to explore Copenhagen with a knowledgeable guide? Then join Green Bike Tours on one of our public bike tours or walking tour with focus on sustainability and green transition. Green Bike Tours has offered amazing guided tours in Copenhagen since 2012, and we have accommodated thousands of guests from all around the world with amazing experiences!

We offer public tours which are weekly or monthly scheduled, and you can secure a spot already today by using our online booking system. Each tour offers a unique insight into this renowned green city, and we guarantee an amazing learning experience together with wonderful sights and discoveries. Read more below to learn about the city, our tours and city guides.

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Copenhagen public tours 

On one of our three public tours in Copenhagen you get to explore this sustainable capital on bike or foot together with our expert green guides and other likeminded guests with interest in sustainability and a green society. A public tour is a weekly scheduled tour which everyone can join. However, in order for you to get the best experience and make sure it is safe for you, we only allow 15 guests per tour on the bike tours and 20 guests on the walking tour, so make sure to book your tour early in advance! You book and pay for the tour here on our website.

If you prefer a private tour  you can ask for any date and time.  


How about bike rental and how comfortable do I need to be on a bike?

Our two bike tours start at the Cykelbørsen bike shop where you can rent a bike for the day for 110 DKK and a helmet for 30 dkk (optional). You can also bring your “own” bike – many hotels provide bikes for their guests or you can rent a bike from the many bike services around the city such as the city bike (Bycyklen) or Donkey Republic.

You don’t need to be an experienced cyclist to join our bike tours. We have accommodated people who haven’t biked in 10 years and people who bike every day, so our tours are for all levels of cyclists! Copenhagen has several times been nominated as the best bike city in the world, so we have top class bike infrastructure which is a dream to bike on. This is an experience in itself to explore. Our green guides take good care of you all the time, and we go in a comfortable pace, so you can enjoy the city while biking. You will also be introduced to the common bike rules in the beginning of the tour. 


Guide in Copenhagen

On our tours you will be joined by our wonderful green guides who are passionate about and knowledgeable in the green field and sustainability. Besides being experts in the topics of the tour, they are also green “storytellers” and will speak to your senses and mind, as we know that you are not only here to learn but also to explore! They love to chat about small and big things, so we encourage you to engage in the conversation, for example by sharing your own perspectives on how we can all push for a green agenda or what you do yourself to lower your own carbon footprint. We will soon be able to offer a beginners online course in what you can do yourself and how to get started!

We have a diverse group of guides with different nationalities – for example Italian, German, American and Danish – but all share the fact that they are Copenhageners! They live in the city and explore it daily and will gladly share their best tips to get the best out of your trip. You can also follow us on social medias to get great insights from all our cities.

Safety is very important on our tours, and the guides will make sure to take great care of you. They will be your extra set of eyes in the traffic, and make sure to keep attention on you all the time.

Most importantly, our guides are lovely people who enjoy the tour as much as you do, and who most of all wish to ensure the best tour possible. So, come join us on a tour and meet these great people! You can also check out our guide team on our website.


Visit Copenhagen 

We of course see many great reasons for why you should visit Copenhagen, but if you are still not convinced then let’s share some insights about this great green city:

  • Copenhagen has been nominated several times to be the most bicycle friendly city in the world with more than 60% of locals who use their bike daily!
  • Copenhagen was named world’s top city for travelers in 2019 by Lonely Planet!
  • Copenhagen was voted the best city to go swimming by CNN in 2018 due to its clean water and public harbor baths in the center of the city!
  • Copenhagen has an amazing culinary scene and renowned Scandinavian design and architecture!
  • Copenhagen has plenty of green and blue areas, and you are rarely more than 15 minutes away from one of these – in walking distance!
  • Copenhagen offer something for everyone: a kayak trip in the harbor for the active ones, an amusement park in the center of the city for children families, top-class food markets for the foodies and of course amazing green bike tours for the sustainably minded!


Things to do in Copenhagen 

A must thing to do when in Copenhagen is obvious one of our green bike tours or walking tours. And of course, we have to say that, but seriously, they are really great! Still not sure? Or not sure which tour to take? Then get an overview of each public tour here:


Tour 1 is our most popular tour and we understand why. This is the perfect tour if you are interested in climate plans and green transition of cities, because during the 3-hours bike tour we explore Copenhagen’s plan to become the first CO2-neutral capital in the world by 2025! You will learn about the many different green initiatives and success stories and get to see them in real life. The topics include bike culture, green energy, energy efficiency, green infrastructure and more, and you will see bike bridges, wind farms, solar cells, green roofs and much more! If you want to experience the Danish way of green transition, this is your tour!

The tour is on every last  Saturday in a month at 10 am to 1 pm.


On tour 2 we discover the meaning of the word “sustainability” and see it in action. On this 2-hour walking tour you will see old and new parts of Copenhagen while we talk about sustainable city living and how nations and cities can promote this. We use the sustainable development goals as the framework of our tour, so it’s a great way to get properly acquainted with these important goals. We explore topics such as circular economy, playful city, ocean plastic cleanup, sustainable diets and more. The tour is a great alternative way to see many of Copenhagen’s must-see places such as the parliament, the city center, hidden gardens, popular water fronts, food markets and more! If you want to learn about sustainability and see the classic Copenhagen, this is your tour!

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Tour 3 is the green guides personal favorite, as we on this bike tour explore the most popular local places! On this 2,5-hour bike tour we leave the city center and instead explore some of the “real” Copenhagen where locals spend most of their time. We go into the two popular neighborhoods – multi-cultural and cool Nørrebro, and cozy and pretty Østerbro. On our way we talk about social sustainability and how cities can be co-created by its citizens to offer unique and beloved places. We explore the most popular city parks, unique bike routes, busy playgrounds and even an urban rooftop farm and more! If you want to experience the local Copenhagen, this is your tour.

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Cph guides

Join a bike or a walking tour with our green guides in Copenhagen. We look very much forward to welcoming you on one of our amazing bike and walking tours!


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