It is almost a crime not to explore the city of Copenhagen from the saddle of a bike as cycling in the city has become close to a trademark. You really need to experience it yourself to understand why biking is so popular.

Copenhagen is internationally known for being among the best bike cities in the world (we count it as the best, as many media also has voted it to be), and this is recognized from the large number of bicyclists in the streets – in fact, 62% of Copenhageners use their bike every day! You can discover all of Copenhagen and the nearby areas from a bike, but a must-do is to bike on one of the cities many bicycle bridges. Copenhagen has invested heavily in bike infrastructure since 2005, among other in several new bike bridges across its harbor. These are not only great in connecting city areas but most of them are themselves an attraction by being beautifully designed and with excellent views of the harbor area which host lots of water activities and amazing architecture along its shore.

On our tour 1: The sustainable Copenhagen of the future, we cross four bicycle bridges and pass several more. Read more about these bridges here and join us on our tour to learn more – or explore them on your own!


Cykelslangen (“The bicycle snake”)

The Bicycle Snake is one of the most iconic bridges of the harbor partly due to its shape (the shape of a snake), partly due to its red color, and mostly because the view from the bridge is stunning, especially when you arrive from the side of Fisketorvet. If you explore the Bicycle Snake, then make sure to also check out the Dybbølsbro bridge right in connection to it, which includes Copenhagen’s widest bike lane – 10 meters wide!



Discover the bike bridges of Copenhagen

Bryggebroen is right after the bicycle snake, and it was the first bicycle bridge to be built across the Copenhagen harbor in 2006 and also the first bridge across the harbor to be built in 50 years! From here you have a great view of modern apartments including the highly renowned Gemini residence, which are made from a former silo! You will most likely cross the bridge if you are going from the city center to the amazing green area Amager Fælled – which is very much a recommended trip.


Cirkelbroen (“The circle bridge”) 

Discover the bike bridges of Copenhagen

A very beautiful bridge with large round shapes which invites you to stop for a minute and enjoy the beautiful surrounding. The bridge is made by the famous Danish-Icelandic architect Olafur Eliasson in 2015, and it has purposely been made to reminiscence an old sail ship as a celebration of Copenhagen’s long naval history. From here, you can enjoy the view of the “Black Diamond” Library, the Danish architecture center and the view of another bike bridge, Lille Langebro.


Lille Langebro (“Little long bridge”) 

Discover the bike bridges of Copenhagen

“Little Long Bridge” is the newest of Copenhagen’s bike bridges, finished in 2019. Its cute name is because of the old bridge next to it called Langebro meaning “long bridge”. The bike version of the bridge was made to lower the busy bike traffic of Langebro, which had more than 50.000 bikers crossing every day besides also being busy with motor traffic! It has a beautiful design and connects directly to the Danish Architecture Center where you can explore even more beautiful Danish design and architecture.


Inderhavnsbroen (“The inner harbor bridge”) 

Discover the bike bridges of Copenhagen

Also known as the “Kissing bridge” however for no obvious reason – we have heard rumors that it is due to its shape from above which looks like two people kissing, but you need to have a good immagination to see this. No doubt you will see this bridge more than once on your trip to Copenhagen. The bridge is placed in the very touristic Nyhavn and connects to the beautiful Christianshavn as well as Freetown Christiania, the Opera house, Reffen food market and more. Just after the bridge you find a small but delicious food market and a popular swimming spot at Krøyer’s square.

Explore the bridges with us

If you want to explore the bicycle bridges and other green city development while learning about the city initiatives to make Copenhagen CO2-neutral by 2025 then join us on tour 1: The sustainable Copenhagen of the future. The tour is on as a public tour every Saturday in English at 10 am-1pm and can be booked on Want to go another day? No problem – write us on and we will arrange a private tour.

By green guide, Josefine Wulffeld