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Since the first Copenhagen metro line opened in 2002, these electric driver-less trains have smoothly carried passengers around the city, especially to and from the airport, making it even more comfortable to travel to Copenhagen. Then, in November 2019 a new metro-line consisting of 17 new stations was added to the network, making it even easier to experience the neighborhoods of Copenhagen!  And this was truly great news, because so much of Copenhagen’s charm and life happens in the surroundings of this new so-called metro“city ring”. So, now that it is easier than ever, we recommend you to go out of the city center and explore the “real” Copenhagen – use this guide to four destinations in four different neighborhoods easily travelled to by the new metro line!


Explore Copenhagen with the new metroline

Explore Copenhagen with the new metroline


Superkilen, Nørrebro st., Nørrebro

The neighborhood of Nørrebro is recognized as a dynamic, multi-cultural place, and it’s one of the busiest due to its small size, its high population density and the youngest population of all Copenhagen. The urban park called Superkilen, which is also a well-used bike route, is a must-do when going to this neighborhood. It consists of three parts where the red square and the black square are the best known. The special thing about this urban park is that all objects – playgrounds, benches, signs and more – are actually transported from other countries or made as a 1:1 scale size of objects from around the world! This has created a very unique urban design, and it represents perfectly how the neighborhood itself is a combination of people and cultures from around the world gathered in one place to create its own unique identity!

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Explore Copenhagen with the new metroline


Fælledparken, Vibenshus runddel st., Østerbro

If you are lucky to experience a warm summer day in Copenhagen, then take the metro to either Vibenshus runddel or Trianglen to join the locals in the possibly most popular park of the city, which is also the largest one: Fælledparken. The park includes large open grass fields perfect for games and barbequing, running and bike tracks for the active ones, playgrounds for young souls including a water playground and a “traffic” playground, a skatepark for the daring ones and much more. The park is used all year round but is best experienced during the long bright summer days.

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Explore Copenhagen with the new metroline


Enghaveparken, Enghave plads, Vesterbro

If you take the metro to Enghave Plads then first enjoy the beautiful red tiled station and next walk to the Enghaveparken right next to it. Here you can not only explore one of the favorite green areas of the neighborhood Vesterbro, but also experience in real life how many of the city’s park are being adjusted to bcome an important part of storm water management. The park is capable of receiving 22.600 m3 rainwater, which is succeeded by lowering several of the recreational areas such as the soccer field, by creating a multi-functional dike around the park and planting many trees and plants able to take up water.


Lüders kondi roof, Nordhavn st., Nordhavn 


Explore Copenhagen with the new metroline


Finally, from the 28th of March 2020 two extra stations will be added to the metro network, and this will make it extremely easy to explore the new sustainable area of Copenhagen, namely Nordhavn. One must-do experience in Nordhavn is to find Lüders carpark and take the stairs (or elevator) to the amazing “condi” roof. This is a unique example of how a building can have multi purposes, and how correct city design can encourage an active lifestyle. We promise you won’t find a nicer place for a workout!

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