Frequently Asked Questions – Private Tours

Do other guests participate in the tour?
No. When you book a tour for a private group, the tour is for that group only.
What if we are more than 15 people for a bike tour or 20 people for a walking tour?
On our bike tours we can accommodate up to 75 persons in Copenhagen and 45 persons in Malmø and 45 persons in Berlin. On our walking tours we can accommodate up to 100 persons in Copenhagen and 60 persons in Malmø and 60 persons in Berlin. This means that smaller groups will be formed with no more than 15 participants for a bike tour and 20 persons for a walking tour. Each group will go as a group with one guide. In Copenhagen we have 5 guides, in Malmø 3 guides and in Berlin 3 guides. The reason why we have limited the number of participants in a group is first and foremost for your safety but also to give you the exclusive and intimate experience with room for dialogue.
Do the tours run if it rains?
Yes, our tours run no matter how the weather is. So please remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat for the unpredictable Danish weather. On a chilli day you might want to bring an extra sweater too. And some days you will need sunscreen. In case it is pouring non stop – we can include a coffee stop where we can tell some of the stories or we can try to reschedule the tour to another day. We will try to be as flexible as possible but it will under no circumstances be possible to get a refund. In the last 4 years we have only had one tour where it was impossible to bike around but we solved it by having a nice meeting in a coffee house about the most important facts of the tour.
Anything special I should be aware of?
You should bring a snack or a bottle of water for the tour. There are always toilet options along the routes on all of our tours and for Private group tours we can always incorporate a coffee stop on the tour. Of course, that needs to be agreed upon in advance. On the walking tour we walk a lot during the tours so sturdy shoes are recommended. No stilettos nor flip-flops are suitable.
How do I book a private tour?
For the private tours you send an email to: and explain what tour, workshop, lecture or site visit you are interested in (it could be more activities and we can plan a program based on your wishes) number of participants, day and time and if you would like us to rent bikes for you, and we get back within 24 hours with an overview and budget.
How do I pay for the tour?
You will receive an invoice 4 weeks before the tour or events are going to take place that will be paid as an international bank transfer. The transaction fee is shared by submitter and receiver. The invoice will specify the agreed event(s), number of participants, price, the date of the event(s) ect. You will have to pay the invoice 2 weeks before the tour or event(s) are going to take place – The payment is binding and non-refundable after payment – also in case you are less participants than anticipated. In case you are more participants an extra invoice will be sent and will have to be paid before the tour(s) and event(s).
What if I have to cancel the tour?
That is of course unfortunate. In case you need to cancel you can do it up to 4 weeks before the tour or event with no charge. Cancelling the tour/event less than 4 weeks before the planned activities, you will receive a new invoice with an administration fee of 10% of the total amount (in case you have booked non- refundable visits or activities, we will have asked for a deposit 6 weeks in advance to cover the costs that will not be paid back). If you cancel with less than 2 weeks and have paid the invoice the payment is binding and non-refundable. If the cancellation occurs due to force majeure in relation to the Covid19 situation all money will be paid back minus the bank transaction fee – no administration fee will be included. If cancelled later than 4 days prior to the planned tour the money will not be refunded.
Covid-19 safety precautions
WE follow the restrictions closely in the countries in which we are present. That means that we always follow recommendations about how many people a group can consist of. In case the number is 10 we only go with 10 persons in one group. We have always hand sanitizer available for guides as well as guests and sanitizer wipes for the bikes when you wish to rent bikes through us. WE keep safety distance at all times and remember we are outside on the tours all the time minimizing infection.
Are the tours suitable for children or elderly people?
We don’t recommend the tours for children under 15 years of age. Especially the bike tours. Elderly people can participate but should be in good health especially for the bike tours.
Do I need to be in good physical shape to join the bike tours and walking tours?
Our tours are for everyone – both walking tours as well as bike tours. The walking tours are around 4 km. Regarding the bike tours, you should be able to bike for 3 hours and around 15 km. We bike at a comfortable pace and ensure that everyone is able to follow. We don’t recommend our bike tours for beginners as Copenhagen is a bike city and there are many other bikers on the lanes. WE don’t bike all the time as we stop between 11-14 on a bike tour. We don’t guide when we are in motion, only at the stops so you can concentrate on pedaling, on taking in the city and feeling the wind in your hair.
What about bike rental?

We can help you with bike rental as our bike tours can start from our bike collaboration partner. In case you have bikes yourselves, we can start the tour at your hotel or where you wish. When you rent the bikes through us, the payment will occur on the invoice we send you. In case you loose a key to the bike during a tour with us, the responsibility lies upon you and you will have to replace it and pay for the lost key at your return to the bike shop so payment goes directly to the bike shop.

Where do we meet and end the tour?

Details regarding the tour can be found under the tour on the website under Private tours, you will find Tour details to the right of the tour. It will also be repeated in the confirmation email after you have booked the tour. As said before you can decide where you want the tour to start and end. A green guide will be waiting for you at the designated place wearing a yellow vest with the GBT logo on.

Languages on the tours?

The tours are normally held in English, German or Danish but depending on the guides we have, we can sometimes offer other options. At the moment we can also do one group in Italian.

When is it possible to do a private tour?

Contact us to make a booking when it suits you and your group – it can be week days as well as weekends.