Green Bike Tours is founded by Helene Hjortlund, who takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 8 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy.

She has a master in italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.



Beatrice Carnelos

Beatrice is a green guide. She is passionate about nature and the relationship humans feel with it. She was born and raised in Italy, and she holds a bachelor degree in Natural Science. She really loves slow mobility as a preferred way to cut carbon emissions, particularly trekking on the Alps and bikepacking around Europe on her dad’s vintage bike. When she decided to start her Master’s in Climate Change in Copenhagen, she decided to travel halfway by bike, as another way to experience and enjoy the road she’s traveling. She is also very interested in sustainable lifestyles, farming and Permaculture. In her freetime in Copenhagen, she enjoys outdoor activities and going to parks such as Dyrehaven and Amager Fælled.


Silvia is a green guide. She is also an architect and consider herself a city – animal. Italian born, but feels Copenhagen is her hometown, which she by the way considers one of the best expressions of modern city planning and managing for the people. She likes understanding the special spirit of each place and how the city has developed over the centuries. She loves cycling along the harbour ring. Her favourite spot in Copenhagen is the Glyptoteket winter’s garden.



Jannik Dreher

Jannik is a green guide. Exploring and understanding the wonders of earth has always been part of his life growing up nearby the Alps in the South of Germany. He currently studies Geography and can’t stop being fascinated about the way our environment is created through complex human-nature-interactions. Since he came to Berlin, he’s always been discovering new corners and places and their history in this extremely diverse city. As humanity faces climate change, he’s been predominantly interested into finding and promoting solutions that not only are more environmentally sustainable, but also increasingly socially sustainable, paving the way for a fairer future. If he doesn’t commute around the city, he’s usually busy dancing, playing music or learning a new language. Favorite green place in the city is Humboldthain

Danish Ahmad

Danish is a green guide. He holds a bachelor degree in Tourism & Hopitality Management and currently pursuing his Masters in International Tourism Development in Germany. Previously he has been affiliated with the international hospitality sector in middle east for 3 years. Presently he is embracing Berlin by biking around, learning German and taking photographs. He loves to explore Berlin’s green parks especially Gleisdreick park holds a place in his heart.


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