Green Bike Tours is founded by Helene Hjortlund, who takes a great interest in energy and green solutions and prior to this worked for 8 years as a communications advisor and manager in the energy business. She was also the Managing Director of Green Seminars that offered strategic learning to foreign cities to enable them to accelerate their city’s transition to green economy.

She has a master in italian and is an authorised guide with diploma.




Tiffany is a green guide. She grew up on Long Island NY, just outside of NYC. One of her favorite parts of the move has been trading in her car for a bike. Copenhagen is a beautiful and green city that she loves to be living in. There are so many outdoor spaces to visit, one of her favorites is Kastellet or Reffen (in the summer). Biking around has been her favorite ways to see and learn the city, and she is appreciating the lifestyle change!


Kathi is a green guide. She studies Environment and Development and believes that Copenhagen is a great example of a city with a high quality of life and a lovely home – whether it is doing Acroyoga in Hans-Tausens Park, having a swim in Nordhavn or cycling by the lakes every morning.


Her passions are gardening and hiking and she likes to live as sustainable as she possibly can herself. Some of her favourite places are the community gardens at the University. She is also quite fascinated by all the alternative events and community kitchens in Copenhagen. She loves to inspire people by showing all the beautiful sides of Copenhagen while enjoying the great bicycle paths in the city.


Erin is a green guide. Calling Copenhagen home for the past five years, she embraces and adores the sustainable lifestyle that the city affords. A travel writer focusing on sustainable tourism, Erin loves exploring locally from the seat of her city bike. With a background in Art History, History and Photography, she loves learning about and sharing what makes the Danish capital unique and green. Her favorite spot in Copenhagen is sitting at a tiny table atop the Kulturtårnet, or Culture Tower watching all the action below along the clean clear harbor.


Josefine is a green guide. She lives in Copenhagen, and loves to experience and share the city’s many green initiatives. On a daily basis she is part of the danish bicycle-culture, and doesn’t go anywhere without her bike. She enjoys spending time in the green areas of the city, eating dinner from foodtrucks or markets and discovering new interesting places. For her, Copenhagen is the perfect combination of cityvibe and green experience.


Silvia is a green guide. She is also an architect and consider herself a city – animal. Italian born, but feels Copenhagen is her hometown, which she by the way considers one of the best expressions of modern city planning and managing for the people. She likes understanding the special spirit of each place and how the city has developed over the centuries. She loves cycling along the harbour ring. Her favourite spot in Copenhagen is the Glyptoteket winter’s garden.

Sarah Hartwig

Sarah is a green guide. She grew up in Hamburg and moved to Copenhagen to study climate change. Talking about sustainability in urban areas and how Copenhagen is dealing with climate change is an important passion. She also loves to travel and see the world but tries to avoid flying as much as possible. Copenhagen is for her an outstanding example of sustainability. She enjoys cycling every day on the good bike paths. Copenhagen has a lot to offer being both a busy Capital and yet not far from nature and remote areas. Her favorite green spots in the city is spending time at the beaches or harbour areas in the summer as they make the city even more unique and perfect.

Cassandra Triska

Cassandra is a green guide. She grew up in Canada, just outside Toronto. She first came to Copenhagen 4 years ago to study her master in Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen, but fell in love with the city and has called it home ever since. She loves the freedom entrepreneurs have in Copenhagen, and how every week there seems to be a new innovative and sustainable initiative popping up. She loves sustainable travelling, walking, and being near water – so you can most often find her by the Little Mermaid, on a go-boat or in a lounge chair at Reffen.



Ahmed Gaballah

Ahmed is a green guide. He is an architect studying urban development. Since Berlin is a diverse and a green city, biking around it is one of the best ways to know more about the city. He loves living in Berlin and experiencing the different cultures he encounters. Berlin to him is a one of a kind city, it requires a special eye to let you fall in love with. Ahmed grew up in Egypt which has an extremely different nature and history compared to Berlin, which made him embrace both nature and history even more when he started living in Berlin. Ahmed is also a photographer and get a lot of inspiration from biking around Berlin.

Amina Koß

Amina is a green Guide. Born and Raised in Berlin she is discovering the city by bike since her early teens. For her it is the best way to get around the city taking in its unique qualities.
As an architect she worked on sustainable Building structures in and outside Berlin. She worked with an environmental NGO in Tanzania, on the building site for a healing Biotope in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and is currently studying Urban Development in Egypt.
But she always returns to Belin. The many sustainable and cultural urban projects are what she loves most about the city. She enjoys discovering the new places that pop up every year and to share her experiences with you.

Amna Aslam

Amna is a green guide. Living and moving around a city with minimum effects on the environment is one of her main mottos. Therefore, she believes that biking is one of the best ways to come from A to B, especially in a city like Berlin. Amna grew up in Pakistan and presently residing in Berlin, which explains her love for the opportunity to explore a city through biking even more; particularly due to the diversity in the culture, city scape and urban layout. By profession she is an architect, worked mainly on projects to minimize energy consumption through sustainable lifestyle and currently pursuing her master’s in Urban Development. As a person, Amna loves interacting with people from different cultures and exploring new places collectively.One of her favorite green places is Tiergarten!


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