This week we are taking a look at some of the fun outdoor activities you can do in Malmö. With spring providing mild temperatures and sunny afternoons, it seems like the perfect setup for getting out there and enjoying the city! As always we suggest you grab a bike and explore the city from the saddle.



  • Malmø provides you with Green bike routes and breathtaking views. Take the Ribersborgstigen which is a beautiful bike route along the nice green area Ribersborg and the city’s biggest beach with its historical open-air bath .


Stapelbäddsparken skatepark

  • Malmö has the world’s only skateboard high school, Bryggeriet and is home to the internationally renowned Stapelbäddsparken skatepark, built by the city with input from the local skateboarding community.




A green bike tour around the city


Möllevången square

  • The Möllevången square is one of the top symbols of Malmö as a multicultural city. By day it serves as the venue of a bustling fruit and vegetable market, while later in the day the focus shifts to the areas many restaurants.


Zlatan Court

  • Malmö’s biggest star in history has made his mark on the city. Zlatan Court is located in the Rosengård neighbourhood where he grew up, and the Zlatan’s Smile artwork can be found in a pedestrian tunnel on the outskirts of the district.


Turning Torso

  • Last but not least, swing by the landmark of Malmø, the Turning Torso. The highest skyscraper in Sweden was built in 2005. Created by the architect Santiago Calatrava and 190 metres high.