Welcome back to #whatson after the summer holiday! Our #whatson initiative is here to provide you with ideas for how to spend your weekend in one of our green cities (Copenhagen, Berlin, and Malmö). It’s everything from our favorite vegan pastries shops to the best flea markets. Come with us on this journey and get inspired!

This week we are looking at Copenhagen, where the 177 years old amusement park Tivoli is having a food and wine festival. The festival will take place from the 29th august to the 20th of September. Here you can experience everything from sommeliers’ competing in becoming the best sommelier in Denmark, to desserts with the dessert chef from Michelin restaurant Alchemist. There will also be inspiring lectures and workshops.

Moreover, Tivoli also has food stands within the sustainable and vegan genre. There you can try plant-based food, learn about growing microgreens in your windowsill and drink Danish produced wine – what’s not to like? Read all about it and the programme for the 3 weeks festival here:


Ps, if you can’t get enough of vegan food in Copenhagen, check out our super delicious plant-based food tour which takes you around to the best vegan places in Copenhagen. Read more and book here: https://greenbiketours.org/plant-based-food-tour/

fotocredit : https://www.tivoli.dk/da/mad+og+drikke/mad+og+vin+festival?utm_source=adobe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200812_TivoliTaetPaa_Mad_og_Vin&profileid=ecf1c0c6-752f-4c50-bb8f-0f945a580b70&deliveryName=DM4246&fbclid=IwAR1-yHba27WjZeU7ZyDA5hTxxKkdwQAsZvo98EwBU_ehbV_iDQnVmFnrbWw