Welcome back to our #whatson initiative here with Green bike tours! Here we provide you with a list of the best green events which are happening in your city. It changes between our 3 green cities, Copenhagen, Malmö and Berlin each month. This month we are taking a look at Copenhagen!

  • Weekly march for the climate

Klimabevægelsen I Danmark, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, den grønne studenterbevægelse*, Greenpeace and many more, has arranged a weekly march every Friday for the climate. All Fridays from the 11th September until the 6th November from 11.30 – 1 pm. Each week the march ends at a new minster’s ministry. The marches are supposed to be a “wake up call” for the politicians in order to get the climate debating going again. The goal was to visit  the 18 ministries before spring 2020. However covid19 changed those plans, and now there are still 12 left which you can participate in! During the walk the organizers of the event will talk about climate change, green perspective in education, religion and much more!

Read more about the events here:


Ps, please note that these demonstrations are peaceful, and all participants are required to wears masks in order to prevent covid19 from spreading further.

  • Inspiration for a sustainable family life

Get inspiration for how you and your family together can make your everyday life more sustainable. The event takes place at a school near the forest in Hvidovre. Here you will be able to make healthy vegan snacks, your own art out of recycled materials and meet other families who are also interested in the green way of living. Furthermore, if you have any old used toys lying around the house, bring it to the toys exchange station, and maybe another family could also get great use of it. The event takes place the 3th of October from 10am to 4pm

Read more and buy tickets here:


Ps, we still have some tickets left for our public tour Saturday at 10am. Here you learn more about  the city of cph ’s green transition as well as what you can do yourself to lower your carbon footprint. If you are interested send an email to info@greenbiketours.org

Interested in other tours or events? Check out www.greenbiketours.org

*Danish organisations within the green and sustainable area.