Are you wondering where to go in Copenhagen? Consider going with us, Green Bike Tours, on a green city tour into the hip neighborhoods of Nørrebro and Østerbro – – where you will get the feel of the Copenhageners Copenhagen. This tour is on every Sunday from 10am – you can book a spot right here:

Where to go in Copenhagen


Explore the green Copenhagen

This tour is definitely a must see and a must do. So if you are wondering where to go in Copenhagen and need inspiration, you’re in the right place. Green Bike Tours’ core business is to show you the green and sustainable Copenhagen by bike – we do also have walking tours. Maybe you haven’t considered seeing the sustainable city but there is a lot to see and the green guides tell the best and most interesting stories.


where to go in Copenhagen

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The green city tour by bike is a new tour. We are following a green thread on this tour with a focus on recreational areas as well as climate neighborhoods of Østerbro. Copenhagen is aiming to have 90% of its citizens within 15 minutes of a green or blue area. You will experience super bike routes and lanes, interesting playgrounds like Superkilen, urban gardens, big parks, a cemetery which is also a park and green roofs. We are actually very proud of this tour because this is for everybody who just wants to experience something different in the city – you don’t have to be a sustainability neerd!


Pet a goat

If you’re not convinced yet and still thinking of where to go in Copenhagen, I’m sure I can convince you with this: You will get to pet a goat on this tour! Yes, it is true as we will be going to the Old people’s city, where they have goats and urban gardens – a beautiful place you just have to experience.

Join us this Sunday on a tour – book your spot right here and meet us at Gothersgade 148, in front of S. Andreas church (not far from Nørreport Station)